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Out of all the lawn maintenance and lawn care services existing throughout Midland, Bay City, Beaverton, and Sanford MI, Todd’s Lawncare has been the most promising and most trusted lawn services company in all of Michigan. Without a doubt, our lawn mowing and other lawn services have greatly helped our customers achieve their dream lawns they’ve always wanted. Moreover, we have been consistent in delivering the best customer support for all our customers because you are our top priority, and we want that all of your needs and preference from our lawn care services are guaranteed and being met. No need to tirelessly search for ‘the most trusted lawn care services near me’, we’ve got you covered!

 Exceptional Lawn Care Service

We don’t want you, our valuable customers, to experience the hassle of doing lawn maintenance or lawn mowing services on your own or having to endlessly look for lawn service professionals around the area nonstop– that’s why we are here to provide you with the best lawn maintenance services throughout Midland, Bay City, Beaverton, and Sanford MI. We continuously strive to be the premier provider of the most exceptional lawn services company by implementing our emergency services, as we want to make sure that all your needs are being met at any time of the day. Once you invest in Todd’s Lawncare, your lawn is definitely in the hands of certified lawn technicians who know how to avoid the common hazards by giving your lawns the consistent care and maintenance it deserves. With your best ‘lawn care services near me’, you are ensured that your lawns will get the best lawn care possible.

Proactive Approach in Landscaping

As a prime lawn mowing and maintenance company in Midland, Bay City, Beaverton, and Sanford MI, we set high standards for quality control, compliance, and communication with our customers to achieve our various critical goals. Our lawn maintenance projects throughout Midland, Bay City, Beaverton, and Sanford MI paved the way for us to practice professionalism, integrity, and honesty, most especially to our customers as well as our equipment vendors and material providers. We are always all ears for you, and we will make sure that you get the BEST version of what you exactly want for your lawns. Still looking for the ‘best lawn care services near me’? Contact us now!


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Todd’s lawncare Is Offering lawn mowing Service right now start at 35 to $40 a small yard Call 989-294-3680